I'm a ginger who loves to sing...


Music has been a passion and healing force in my life for as long as I can remember.

Nothing relaxes, inspires or lifts me up like music.


There is always a reason I pick the songs I cover. Each one has struck a chord in me that made me want to share its story and undoubtedly the audience feels it too. I’ve always been a classic girl and the songs I sing have a classic message to them that uplifts the audience and makes everyone feel comfortable. Artists I cover include Norah Jones, James Taylor, Michael Buble, the Bee Gees, Jimmy Cliff and more.


Whether I’m playing in someone’s living room or out at a venue my job is to set the scene with music so the event or group I’m playing for is in the spotlight. 


 This is my first headshot taken in Brandon, FL. Redheads are born with a lot of passion and performing has been a great outlet for me from the beginning. 

New York City livin' after college I had this headshot taken. Although I loved performing I no longer enjoyed acting and playing characters. 

I wanted to perform on my own terms rather than pretend to be other

people, but I didn't know what that meant yet.

Here I am in Jackson Hole modeling for my friend - and jewelry designer - Sarah Tams. I love these earrings and this photo so much this photo became the image for my

first album Cover Girl.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2018 I reconnected with my cousin, Sarah Boyer, who is a photographer. I've been having a lot of fun

in front of the camera! 

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